Our qualified massotherapists offer you a personalized service.
Chose the type of massage that corresponds to your wishes and needs :

Relaxing Swedish massage

It is time to think of yourself during this moment of absolute relaxation which will deeply calm your body and allow you to recharge your batteries.


Hot stones massage

Spoil yourself with this massage with multiple benefits, soothing and truly relaxing but at the same time equilibrating and energising. The stones are placed according to your body type, a pleasure that alternates and harmonizes with the variations of temperatures.


Therapeutic massage

This massage benefits the blood circulation, while permitting the elimination of toxins from the muscle fibres, pressure points, decongestion, mobilization for a relief of your soreness and pain.


Sports massage

Before you leave for a hike, snowmobiling or with the ATV, prepare your body with a intense and stimulating 15 minute massage. After your activity, choose a calming 60 minute massage to relax your tired muscles.


Cellulite Massage

This is a firming and toning massage to stop and reverse the aging process by restabilising the natural exchanges of the blood circulation. For visible and pleasing results, a regular schedule is recommended.


All massages are administered by certified massotherapists. Insurance receipts are available.

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